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Your Local Redlands Chiropractor

Welcome to Sports ‘n’ Spines, Redland Bay, your friendly Redlands chiropractor. Our aim is to help you and your loved ones to live in optimal health, both now and for years to come. We strive to provide this via quality chiropractic care tailored to you and your individual needs. When you undergo chiropractic care at our Redlands chiropractic centre, you will experience a move from symptoms and dysfunction to improved function and wellness. At Sports ‘n’ Spines, we do not merely seek to manage your symptoms or pain, we aim to eradicate it wherever possible and improve your overall health.

Our clinic is located in the heart of the Redlands in Redland Bay at the Red Edge Shopping Centre. We see patients from Redland Bay, Mt Cotton, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Cornubia and further afar on a daily basis.

Book in today to see a local chiropractor at Sports ‘n’ Spines, Redland Bay. We will be happy to help you achieve your goals and aid you in your journey to optimal health.

Call us on (07) 3206 7995  or come and see us at the Red Edge Shopping Centre.


Who we care for at Sports ‘n’ Spines Chiropractic Centre

Individuals of any age or stage of life may seek chiropractic care. Although it is advisable not to wait till you are experiencing pain or a lack of function, this is when most people will begin their chiropractic journey.

Common conditions treated at our Redland Bay chiropractic clinic include but are not limited to – lower back pain, neck pain, headaches or sporting injuries. Please read on for other conditions we can help with.

The ultimate aim for our Redlands chiropractor is to move people away from crisis or symptomatic care and towards optimum health and function, then maintain it.

When you join us as a patient at our Redlands chiropractic centre, you will enjoy a chiropractic approach personalised to suit your specific healthcare needs. If you are looking for a chiropractor to treat you (or a loved one), then get in touch with us today. Whether you are based in Redland Bay, Mt Cotton, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Cornubia or further afar, our Redlands’ chiropractor looks forward to welcoming you at Sports ‘n’ Spines.

Align and Heal Your Body with Our Redlands Chiropractic Centre

When treating patients at our Redlands chiropractic centre, we provide a holistic service aiding your body to heal itself.

Your nervous system is the control centre of the body. It is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. Your nervous system is constantly sending countless signals throughout the body via the spinal cord and nerves to every part of you. When the spine or a joint is dysfunctional there is a disruption in the signals being sent and this can be experienced as poor function, pain, swelling or other such symptoms.  Chiropractic treatment helps to improve the ‘correct’ flow of these signals allowing them to be sent freely and efficiently without interruption which then allows the body to heal itself.

Our Redlands chiropractor uses a range of techniques to remove areas of dysfunction allowing your body to achieve optimal health. These techniques include but are not limited to – low force mobilisations through to the manual manipulation, soft tissue work or dry needling. Please read on for more information related to our treatment techniques.

Our chiropractor is trained in working with patients who are suffering from all manner of complaints and can help you too.

Contact us today on (07) 3206 7995 to book an appointment.

Why Do People Need Chiropractic Treatment?

Our patients come to see our Redland Bay chiropractic specialist for many reasons. While primarily focusing on treating neuromusculoskeletal disorders, chiropractors are not exclusively limited to problems with the nervous and or musculoskeletal system. Physical pain or dysfunction may occur in the body for a variety of reasons. For some it may be the result of ‘stress’ – emotional,  physical or chemical, an occupational hazard, prolonged postures from work/studying or technical devices, a sporting injury, trauma or degeneration.

running-girlConditions that we treat:

Our Style at Sports ‘n’ Spines

At our Redland Bay Sports ‘n’ Spines clinic we provide a holistic, full body, ‘MIXER’ style of chiropractic care designed to suit your needs. This style of ‘MIXER’ care has effective, long-term positive results without the use of pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

Techniques/modalities of care used may include:


Contact Us: Chiropractor Redland Bay

If you are ready for friendly, comprehensive consultation and treatment that utilises a holistic approach, then please get in touch. We would love to work with you, so wherever you are in the Redlands – Redland Bay, Mt Cotton, Victoria Point, Cleveland, Cornubia or surrounding suburbs, we are your local, friendly chiropractic clinic ready to support you on your journey to improved function and health.

Call us today on (07) 3206 7995 or come down to see us at Sports ‘n’ Spines Chiropractic, Red Edge Shopping Centre , Suite 17, 30-32 Cypress Street, Redland Bay.

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